HapaVir™ interferes with a virus particle (called a microbe)’s ability to connect (fuse) to the host cells they need to reproduce themselves, because viruses can not reproduce by themselves, they need to attach to a cell in your body (a host cell) where they can then inject their viral DNA/RNA into that host cell. This then causes the host cell to be fooled in to thinking the virus’s DNA/RNS is it’s own and turning the host cell into a duplicating factory.
Interfering with the fuzing process stops the DNA/RNA injection, which prevents the virus replication process from happening. And it is this that results in your body having a smaller viral army to fight off. You could potentially even prevent an initial infection, or, if already infected, hinder an outbreak or shorten the duration, and lower the severity, of an outbreak.

HapaViris highly effective in supporting a healthy immune system – and assists in maintaining overall health – even during seasonal times of runny noses and achy muscles.* HapaVir™ interferes with a virus microbe’s ability to connect to host cells in your body that they need to reproduce. Inhibiting this viral replication process leads to a smaller viral army for the immune system to fight against.

Stay Well !

* All natural
* From tested sources
* No side effects
* Does not interfere with prescription drugs
* Recommended for all people 6 years and older
* Also safe for pets, fish, and domestic animals


When you order directly from us, you will receive a 60-tablet bottle/pouch, not the standard 30-tablet bottle/pouch

Each tablet provides 250mg of the HapaVir humic acid extract

What Can HapaVir™ Help With?

Who Can HapaVir™ Help?

HapaVir™ will inhibit the replication of any virus.
(But not bacteria, so it will do nothing for a “cold”)

While HapaVir™ can be of use to anyone that may be exposed to a virus, those that  have a greater exposure to viral exposure/contamination would be best served to use HapaVir™ daily.

  • Influenza (the flu)
  • Herpes (cold sores)
  • Hepatitis
  • Chickenpox
  • Shingles
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Norovirus (“cruiseship flu”)
  • Mumps, measles and rubella
  • Travelers (bus, train, plane, ship)
  • Teachers
  • Students (especially college students)
  • Front-line staff that work with the public;
    • Restaurants
    • Casinos
    • Hotels
    • Retail
  • Medical service staff

Quality Assured
 is the world’s premiere humic acid product
 because the best Source is used and it undergoes rigorous Processing and comprehensive Testing. We call this the SPT Advantage.
   We have identified and use the most efficacious raw material to produce the intended results

   Meticulous extraction and manufacturing processes are used to bring you the world’s most potent humic acid. Our humic acid is government-approved for safety and is made in a manufacturing facility that is:
  * cGMP-Certified
  * FDA and CA-approved for ALL pharmaceutical drug manufacturing
   Rigorous, systematic testing guarantees that the quality of our humic acid consistently meets the highest standards.

HapaVir™ ….the finest there is

HapaVir™ tablets are easy to take. They have a light coating making it smooth to swallow.
Suggested Use:
To maintain an even amount of HapaVir™ in your sustem, simply take one tablet twice per day (once in the morning and one about 12 hours later.

It is best to take HapaVir™ on an empty stomach, or at least before food consumption, along with a glass of water.

HapaVir™ is all natural and a  supplement that has been very well tested. There has never been negative side effects found with its use.

If you find yourself having an outbreak or clear sign of a virus infection, begin taking two tablets, twice or three times per day. After three days, you should be able to go back down to just one tablet in the morning and one in the evening.

Toxicity studies were conducted by the NIH’s Virology Dept., using doses fifty times higher than the suggested usage amounts, without any issues or concerns.
These high levels are not necessary to achieve desired results, but they prove the safety of HapaVir™.

National Institutes of Health Virology Department, doses up to 50 times the recommended dosage are safe and non-toxic, but as with all health products, it is not recommended to take more than needed.

  • Non-allergenic
  • Will not cause anaphylaxis
  • Not contraindicated with any medications (will not interfere with any medications you may also be taking.
  • Safe for children, elderly, pregnant women and pets.

How does HapaVir™ work?

HapaVir™ is, in essence, a prophylactic that hinders microbial action. This in turn helps the host’s own natural immune system to maintain overall health and wellness.

The anti-viral benefit of HapaVir™ stems not from it’s impact on the body, but on it’s effects on viruses inside the body. HapaVir™ interferes with a virus’s ability to connect (fuse) with a host cell into which it would otherwise inject it’s DNA/RNA into that host cell, hijacking it, and fooling it into making more like viruses. This process helps to reduce the growth of the viral hiv army and with sufficient HapaVir™ in the body, the intention is that the viral army will be reduced allowing the body’s natural immune system, as well as any current medications, to more effectively battle the viral infection.

If the virus particle can not connect to a host cell,
it can not replicate.

   HapaVir™ will have the greatest impact in the arenas of human health and maintenance of wellbeing; as well as in veterinary applications involving animal and fish defenses against health challenges.

   In live-animal trials, the HapaVir™ material exhibited no detectable toxic or other side effects at levels 50-100 times higher than would ordinarily be used in practice.

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